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Makedonikos Red £24.00
Velvety, Friuty flavour
Naoussa £24.90
Dry full bodied
Othello £23.90
A rich full bodied classical wine from Cyprus
Grand Reserve £32.00
This dry red win produced from the xino mavro grape variety is aged
in oakwood barrels for 3-4 years before bottling


Aphrodite £23.00
A crisp dry wine from Cyprus
Thisbe £22.00
Medium dry fruity wine
Retsina £22.00
The famous Greek wine, made with pine resin (By the Glass £7.50)
Makedonikos White £24.00
Cool fresh wild flavour
Makedonikos Rose £24.00
Fresh and subtley fruity
House wine £18.00
Red, White or Rose or £5.50 per 175ml Glass or £7.00 per 250ml Glass
Sparkling Wine - Prosecco £25.00


Spirits 25ml (with a mixer £4.00) £3.50
Liqueurs and Brandies £4.00
Beers (Keo) £3.80
Soft Drinks and Juices £1.80
Mineral water bottle (Still or Sparkling 750ml) £3.50